Come on Tour with Carolina George

The ultimate small-town binge filled with heartwarming moments and fiery connections where music and desire collide.

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Falling into You Paperbacks & Hardbacks

Falling into You Paperbacks & Hardbacks

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Kiss the Stars Synopsis

A close proximity, small town, single-parent romance about a woman running from her past and the man who will do anything to protect her…

Leif Godwin ignited a fire inside me the first night I met him.

There is something about the dark stranger I can’t forget, even though I thought I’d never see him again.

He’s gorgeous and intriguing and everything I know better than to crave.

But when I move to my famous brother’s Savannah mansion with my two children, I know I’m in trouble when I find Leif living in the guest house.

 My one goal in my life is seeking revenge. Mia West was never supposed to be part of that equation.

But she’s everything I never knew to want.

A beautiful temptation I can’t resist.

Soon, she has my walls crumbling at her feet.

 I know touching her is a sin, but there’s no stopping this connection.

I want to give her everything, my heart and my life. But when our pasts collide, I’m afraid loving her will destroy us all…

Catch Me When I Fall Synopsis

A close proximity, enemies-to-lovers romance from NYT and USA Today bestselling author A.L. Jackson

Royce Reilly found me at my lowest, drowning myself in a bottle of tequila.
Not my best day.
I’d never expected to spend the night with a gorgeous, tattooed stranger. When he suddenly walks out and leaves me high and dry, I know it’s best I never see him again.

But I have little choice when I find out he’s the Mylton Records A & R exec going on tour with us.
He’s determined to sign our band.
It’s the exact opposite of what I want.

Now that dark intensity and seductive manipulation are set on me.
I refuse to cave to it.

I knew Emily Ramsey was Carolina George’s lead singer when I took her back to the hotel that night.
I never should have touched her.
Falling for her will only ruin my carefully laid plans.
There’s too much at stake.

The problem is, our chemistry is instant.
Something neither of us can resist.
Before I know it, she’s under my skin. A perfect, seductive itch.

Only she doesn't know who I really am or what I’m really after.
And this betrayal might cost us both everything…

Falling into You Synopsis

An enemies-to-lovers second-chance romance from NYT and USA Today bestselling author A.L. Jackson

Richard Ramsey is the guitarist for the world’s hottest new band.

Gifted. Charismatic. Hot as sin.
Lend your ear, and he’ll steal your heart.
Nah, you can’t have his considering he left it in his hometown years ago.

He knows better than going back. But it’s his younger sister’s wedding, and there’s no way he can say no to that.

He should have known she would be there, invading his senses and making him thirst and hunger for what he wants most.

Violet Marin hates him for what he’s done.
He left her emptyhanded with their wreckage strewn all around.
A single-parent, she’s raising a little girl alone, and she’s picked up the pieces and is living her life the best way that she can.

But their connection is fierce.
Their attraction unending.
It only takes one glance for their worlds to collide.
One touch to set them on fire.

But she doesn’t know the dark secrets he keeps.
If he had understood the true price of fame, he would have known he’d sold his soul and this debt is something he cannot repay.

Letting her go is impossible, but will loving her cost it all?

A sensuous, captivating contemporary stand-alone romance in the Falling Stars series.

Beneath the Stars Synopsis

A friends-to-lovers romance about an unattainable rockstar and his best friend’s younger sister from NYT and USA Today bestselling author A.L. Jackson

Maggie Fitzgerald is the last girl I should think about taking to my bed.

On the cusp of turning 21, she has her whole life waiting out ahead of her. Sexy AF while still radiating an innocence that I know better than to taint.

And here I am, itching to reach out and touch a girl who is so forbidden that just thinking about her feels like committing a mortal sin.

Thing is, I love playing with fire.

Rhys Manning is everything I shouldn’t want.

Country-rock’s newest superstar.

Fun. Wild. Ready to show the world a good time.

He’s so off-limits it isn’t even funny.

So out of reach he might as well be a poster tacked on my wall.

Too bad every time he looks at me, my heart races out of control.

Now, I’m stuck living with him for the entire summer…

We’re only supposed to be friends. Still, I should have known it was a terrible idea when I started sneaking into his room. Especially when it’s clear he’s keeping secrets.

Secrets that might destroy us both.

One touch, and I want more.

One kiss, and I’m spiraling out of control.

I know it’s reckless to start dancing in the flames.

But in exchange for getting to spend one night with this brooding bad boy? I might be willing to get burned…

Read the Prologue of Kiss the Stars

I raced out of the suite and down the
hall. The wall of windows to my left overlooked the pool and yard just beyond.

A storm bared down. Gusts of wind that
lashed through the trees. It sent them whipping and shivering and howling
beneath the moon that burned through a thin break in the clouds.

My heart raced as I took in the man who
was a shadow beneath it, his shoulders hitched high as he strode across the
yard toward his little home.

If he even had one.

The man lost.

A wanderer who raged as he searched
through the Earth for where he fit.

I wanted to carve out a place for him.
Show him what it was like to belong. To be treasured and loved, the way he
showed me without asking for a thing in return.

I burst through the door, pummeled by a
squall of wind.

A fierce fury that blasted through the

“What if I don’t want you to go?” I
shouted above it. “What if I want you to stay, right here, with me?”

In the distance, he froze, as if he had
been impaled by the plea. Staked to the spot.

Slowly, he turned. Rain began to pelt
from the sky.

“I keep telling you that you don’t want
me. That you don’t have the first clue what you’re asking for.”

I didn’t.

I didn’t have the first clue what he
was going to do to me.

If he would love me or if he would
wreck me.

Maybe I should have turned my back
right then.

Taken heed of the warning that flashed
across his gorgeous face.

But I stepped out into the rain.

And I took the chance . . .

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